End of Year Renewal Gathering

At the end of every year we gather for a time of quiet reflection, honoring the traditional Taoist festival of peace and renewal known as “Ta Chiu”. The theme of the gathering is letting go of what keeps us from living in harmony with Tao, making positive changes, and beginning anew.  We invite you to bring along a reading or poem that you’d like to share with the others in the circle. The readings will be interlaced with brief moments of silence, followed by a simple ceremony of “burning” (w/notes on paper) of things from the past you’d like to let go of, then conclude with a reading from the Tao Te Ching.
We finish the day by sharing homemade soup and breads, dessert goodies, and tea /coffee.
Optional walk: Anyone who would like to join us for a short outdoor walk through the nearby Graver Arboretum can come early.

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